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    May 16, 2013
    7:00 - 8:01pm EDT  

that is it for willis report, thank you for joining us, see you tomorrow. lou: good evening, who in this government can we trust? a series of scandals have enveloped the white house, and the administration is struggling to reassert its agenda and voice as probe's credibility has been -- president obama's credibility has been shredded. we will examine what part of government, and which leaders in particular, we can trust, and those we cannot. we will catalog the lies that have led the administration to this point, we begin had the rose garden.
president took a question this morning from white house press core opresscorps on irs scandala direct question about whether anyone in white house knew of irs targeting of conservative groups before the inspector general a report was leaked. >> let me make sure that i answer a specific question. um, i can assure you that i certainly did not know anything about the igrespect, before the risk g reportheig report had bee press. lou: some might consider that an artful dodge for the president, but it seems to be more evasion, and deflect, and hardly a straight answer, that leads to
us treasury department, and internal revenue service. acting irs commissioner stephen miller was first informed on may 3 of last year, about his agency's practice of targets conservatives, and tea party groups applying for tax exempt status, miller failed to inform congress for more than a year even as he wrote numerous letter to congress in which he explained how tax exempt approval, the process, worked. treasury secretary jack lew. did not speak about the irs admission for 5 days. he waited 5 days before making any sort of comment to the american people, and state department, who could forget former secretary of state hillary clinton's fiery response to questions about her role in the troubin!! scrubbing of infan
rice talking points. >> we have 4 dead americans is s is it because of a protester guys out for a walk some night, what difference tip does it make? lou: that difference could turn out to be an historical one that could shake the administration that miss clinton served for 4 years, a white house document dump of post benghazi e-mails revealed that saturday before ambassador susan rice's 5 talk show appearances mrs. clinton'st chief of staff was involved in the final revisions of the talking points, and fell into line with state department edits and scrubs, they contradict white house press secretary jay carney's numerous declaration were altered to change the word consulate to diplomatic out
potty. today, troubling news for homeland security spe specificallyism break and custom enforcement director john morton, testified before congress on march 14 that sequester led his agency to release more than 2000 illegal imgram grants -- immigrants, 629 of which were low level ofinishedders, today we learn 32 of those so-called low level ofinishedders had been convicted of numerous felony, the misrepresentation point, and it could affect the credibility of this obama administration, to that point has been neither contrite more dan candid with te people they serve. >> and abc news reporting tonight that the internal rrvenue service official in charge of the tax exempt department, during the time that
unit was targeting conservative, and tea party groups, that person is now in charge of the irs obamacare unit. sarah hall ingram ran that department between 2009-2012 it is her successor, joseph grant, who today announced high would retire on june third after 3 weeks in position, he was her deputy in that period she led the tax exempt department. well returning to benghazi, white house released 94 pages. and e-mails and documents of interagency communication regards the editing of ambassador rice's tacking points yesterday. those e-mails show top level officials from white house, straight department, cia, were all involved in this scrubbing and editing process. fox news, chief washington correspondent james rosen has
our report. >> these were cia drafted and cia finalized talking points. >> reporter: state department insisted this 94 pages of e-mail released wednesday by obama administration show it was the cia that drove the editing of the false talking points to benghazi. but e-mails reveal then state department spokeswoman victoria new land, and secretary of state david adams were major players in process demanding deletion of references on -- >> those were concerns that we know and have known that cia also shared. >> reporter: true to cia general council steven preston claimed early on that fbi had given quote, express instructs not to issue any statements identifying the attackers. a cia official e-mails his colleague at langly at 9:15:00 p.m. that fateful friday to say quote, state department had major reservation with much
or most of the document we havevised document with their concerns in mind, when new land cited fbi investigation as reason for deleting terrorism reverends a cia official shot back, quote, the fbi did not have major concerns with the points and offered only a minor suggestions, after -- had been scrubbed, a cia official noted that night, fyi, fbi said al qaeda, not al-qaedaa in islamic -- is invalved. >> only the building, where the facility in benghazi from collapse let t to -- cans consuo diplomatic facility and the like. >> reporter: they said john brennan quote will have edits, brennan opted to delete cia's
assessment that attackers hailed, quote, from across many sectors of libyan society. only thing that white house spokesperson has is credibility there is nobody at this point that believes that white house spokesperson, jay carney these were merely schedulistic changes. >> it is looking like there month or next month with sworn congressional testimony by two co-chairs of state department post benghazi review bored, tom pickerring, and admiral mike muellen. lou: thank you very much. james rosen reporting from washington. >> our first gift, says that release of these e-mails is long overdue. but the obama administration must still release all of the benghazi documents. joining us, house judiciary committee chairman, congressman bob.
>> good to be with you lou. lou: whether they of disseptioned or gaps, two days of e-mails are missing, what is your construct of what the white house is now doing regarding irs? regarding the justice department and the associated press. and of course, benghazi? >> i think that first of all, the american people expect them to be forth coming on these issues, but secondly, they want to see a countability, and they are not seeing that in the white house hor below on the issues we hear individual who is directing this program with irs has now been transferred over to the new department that will be
supervising what some say will be 16,000 or more irs edging check to see any -- agents to see if every american has purchased insurance under obamacare. and whether she had still be employed by irs. lou: let me ask you. directly, we began this broadcast by talking about trust. this administration's credibility, do you as chairman of. >> yochairman. >> do you trust the justice department. we find out now with all that has been revealed about internal revenue service and its little we find out now that woman that led the department during most, is in change of irs affordable care
department which will have 16, 5-- 16, 500 agents added to it for the important of enforcing obamacare. >> this is disturbing, we've voted in the house to repeal obamacare, i think that a growing majority of the american people want to see that happen, it is a train wreck. to have an cd like this -- an individual like this, may have politicized internal revenue service in going to after contract organization, that say very serious breach of the public trust. and trust that same individual with leading this massive instruction into people's lives -- intrusion into people's lives, i don't think it will show a lot that the american people will like. lou: the modified limited hang the e-mails toin nixon years,
provide some cover for the larger debacle and scandal, and to now be talking about the irs firing to -- let me withdraw that apparently, asking for the resignation of two officials at irs, they purposely did not go to the very person who was running that department at irs during the time that the most egregious offenses were taking place in the targeting specifically of those on an enemy's list, and conservative, and tea party organizations. >> well we'll have to follow the truth where it leads. we're a lot further down that road with regard to benghazi. it is important those e-mails were released, it is important they release all of the e-mails, i see former secretary of state
clinton say what does it matter? it matters a lot to every foreign service officer in the u.s., does not know whether thee will get adequate security when they need it and doesn't know what other terrorist organizations have been inspired to did as a result of the u.s.'s mishandling of this incident. means it matters a lot to a lot of people, i think it matters to most americans. lou: how much to you and there are members of congress that this president, while trying to project some outrage at what has considered at internal revenue service has, at the same time, timex for exampled 92eed neither contn or forth coming with document dump, there are hours in e-mails that were delivered.
your reaction? >> well my reaction is that our request they provide all of the e-mails, related to the benghazi incidents is critically important to investigation that 5 committees in house of representatives are pursuing and -ursuing very aggressively we want to get not truth. and when we found the truth that has not supported some of the allegations made about how administration handled this we brought that out, but we found there was a lack of response for request of more security beforehand, we want to know why, nothing has been put forward as to why more have we seen anyone held accountable for that could have prevented this. lou: and amongst many unanswered questions, who ordered the stand down. congressman good to talk with you thank you very much bob
goodlatte. >> thank you, lou. lou: president's controversial cabinet nominees today. ernest noniz energy secretary. >> and gina mccarty, and thomas perez for epa. critics say, republicans taking issue with perez's record as head of the justice department's civil rights division. >> angry press turns on attorney -eneral holder for violation of the first amendment right, former justice deputy attorney christian adams tells us whether or not the attorney general with stand another controversy. >> shocking details about the
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lou: president today. reaffirmed his confidence in attorney general eric holder. my next guest served in obama justice department, and has subpoenaed records from a news organization in his experience, and he will share it with us
tonight, joining us christian adams, author of the book, "injustice" let's turn to what is happening internal revenue service looks like it is about to become a bigger scandal because of what administration tried to do, which is ignore fact that woman who led tax exempt division of left in place, of all of the departments, the affordable care unit that will manage 16500 irs agents to support the individual mandate and obamacare itself, it could not get much worse for that one small unit, could it? >> probably not this administration knows how to use power and loves it, they put their most reliable, idea call, seasoned career breuercrats in
the places. lou: this may be a death nel for affordable care, there is no trust in this government right now. not in any quarter, whether homeland security or state department or justice, or it is treasury for crying out loud. >> i mean -- >> this is outrageous. >> what happened with irs is frightening, this is not supposed to happen in america to have powerful wing of a government like irs attacking people because of their beliefs, they believe in liberty this government was attacking them, singling them out, asking them what books they read this stuff is outrage out, is not supposed to happen in our country. lou: president obama did something -- as i watched and listened, i was literally stunned. as he talked about going to
senator schumer to restart legislation shield law, he is asking schumer to introduce legislation that if passed and signed by him, would then protect journalists from his justice department. this is outrageous, and so bizarre, that is s almost iin.>> there is no account guily ability with this administration, i mean who has been held accountable for "fast and furious" yet, nobody. they are in keeping within their luft of power. lou: you, well serving in obama justs deputy, had to subpoena a
news organization, compare that experience. you cannot divulge the name of a large fusio news organization br experience. how limited it was. >> this is one of most careful things that justice deputy can do. and that is to use power to go after a news organization. so they are clear regulations, there is clear guidelines to do. you have to work it out first, you have to negotiate a resolution. you have to use least intrusive means, most of all, you have to have attorney general personally sign off on your request. he did for me, but this justice department, just scraps this they don't have the attorney general rally sign off, they have deputy attorney generallal james cold, they don't use least restrictive means they use the most, they cast a huge net to gather all kinds of intelligence, about a news organization, it is frightening. lou: and in terms of
frightening, you were also audited. >> yeah. %-least your political views, ad collusion with this highly politicized administration. is this administration a political organization this has now taken control of a federal government that -- there are day its seems that this federal government circumstance is attacking values, traditions and laws of this country and our citizens, as if they are warring on citizens across the board, in this government. >> these are the people that founders feared, i saw it happening up close when i worked in justice department, the attitude toward government is a perk of power, you impose your world view on the country.
and now america starting to see it. and that is hardly vindicating it is very disappointing but, these scandals, ap, and irs this is what these people are about, this is not mismanage am this is a muscular ideology that will be in control for the next 3 years. lou: christian adams thank you. >> let's check on what is happening with the economy, markets. stocks continued today lower after federal reserve official said that central banking begin tapering asset purchases, as early as summer, dow down 42, s&p down 8, nazdaq down 6, volume backing off a little bit. weekly jobless claims, rising somewhat. to 360,000, highest level in 6 weeks, and construction, new homes down 16.5% last month,
building permits to highest level since 2008, that 16% decline, most much that was multifamily housing. >> and commodity market, gold sliding again. still. just below 1387 an ounce, crude oil up 86-cents, in bond market yield on 10-year note 1. 87%. up next, congressman ted poe will join us, former judge will give us his verdict on what has been a scandalous week at the white house, he is next. stay with us. we went out and asked people a simple question:
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lou: despite the obama it ministrations e-mail dump on these talking points of benghazi that were critical but senator mendez says he has seen enough and
criticized fellow lawmakers to say not enough has been done to investigate the scandal. >> we have fully vetted this issue and held a hearing after hearing and on both sides had the opportunity to havered. our focus now should not be on the work product of the cia or state on draft talking points we have seen hundreds of the males released by the white house yesterday. lou: joining us now from the judiciary committee also an executivv member of the immigration reform caucus and former prosecutor and judge. good to have you with us. if you heard senator minutes does -- men and does your reaction? >> obviously they don't want all of the evidence when i was a judge we always wanted
in the courtroom all the evidence before remain dead decision so the white house has taken the 67 hours of the most important e-mail's hit in those from the american public and they give us the mills that don't say a whole lot. it reminds me of the nixon nixon-- when richard nixon hit on his tape the most important 30 seconds we want to see the 67 hours that went back and forth from everybody, a cia and state department and white house. >> this is precisely going back to the watergate era that is called the modified limited hangout it is propaganda and a public relations maneuver and likely to fail but there is a lot of skeletons dancing
in is a administration right now it is that * hard to @%agine they have gotten this far with this clumsy of the handling of issues so important. >> no question a lot of polling in benghazi and we need -- have the current secretary of state to seattle want to come down here to testify all year about benghazi no kidding. they'll want us to know i am chairman of the terrorism subcommittee and i think it is a good time for us to bring in general petraeus to say -- see what he has to say about the e-mail's and missing e-mail's in the final report from the white house. lou: thomas pickering on the accountability review board did not talk to the secretary of state? this is a monumental lapse of judgment at best and at
worst a massive cover-up on the part of this administration. to have the power to get to the truce? it seems to me that leaving the 67 hour area that there is no contrition and every effort will be made to hang on to as much of the incriminating e-mail's as they possess with. >> we do have the power not just the subcommittee but the full foreign affairs, homeland security and all of us are working on this issue of benghazi we will find out what will happen -- what happened despite the stonewalling. the only thing they cleaned up was the word al qaeda they don't want us to use that phrase and they took that out of the mill but we want the rest. lou: we are over time but we
received information from one of the senior producers in washington is that congressman carter says there is an agreement in principle in the house on immigration legislation. can you in my inness? >> your information is correct as far as i know there is the agreement made by those who have been working in the house on a bipartisan basis to restructure about to move for this legislation. that is all i know. judge is one of those working on this so there is progress for the house has to take the lead the queeney to move forward and republicans need to lead. >> this comes as the gang of 8 from the senate has apparently reached an impasse on the issue of illegal immigrants under
weber legislation results receiving affordable care benefits. we will see what the next development is. good to have you with us. we will have much more on the benghazi and other scandals that have the white house on defense. the "a team" coming right up. stay with us. the president doesn't know about the ira's the attorney general does not know about the phone log and the press secretary doesn't know much what does this administration no? we take it up in the "chalk talk." deadly tornadoes rumble through texas and communities devastated and lives lost and we will have the latest next. [ male announcer ] in your lifetime,
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lou: when the president started his second term trust and the government had reached historic lows. according to a research paul a majority, 53 percent said
the government threatened personal rights and freedoms 53%. face as the question again after this week because today we saw the president again claim ignorance this time on the i.r.a. scandal itself. >> i can assure you i certainly did not know anything about the ig report that had been leaked through the press. lou: yesterday his attorney general used the phrase i don't know or some variation with an error coulter said he did not know or some variation, 57 times. 57 times listen to it. >> there are exceptions to that rule i do not know. again i don't know.
i don't know what happened in this matter. i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. i don't know what the civil recourse we have i don't know exactly how the irs is constructed at this point*. lou: back in jerry secretary of state clinton had this to say about benghazi. >> i certainly did not know of any reports that contradicted the talking points at the time the ambassador rice went on the tv show. lou: it is called the i don't know if ministration the president uses the new mantra pages was to fix things does not to talk about benghazi or the irs the commissioner is out although he was already planning to leave and a couple of weeks but the president has complete confidence of his attorney general even though 131 congressmen, eight senators and the two governors have
called for his resignation over "fast & furious" scandal. forgot about back? what about benghazi? u.n. ambassador with to the united nations susan rice will get promoted she has done such a good job to national security adviser in each of these scandals is part of the peace. this administration have liars and those who have lied to the american people and we cannot afford much more of that. this administration's conduct must either be corrected or excised before it is too late. the next judge said the rash of tornadoes hitting texas devastating small communities killing at least six. we have the images next. at bny mellon, our business is investments.
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one. lou: texas officials looking for seven people after the deadly a severe storm
outbreak in the country so far this year. 10 tornadoes went through north texas and six people killed destroying dozens of homes the worst damage in cranberry were a tornado hit with wind of up to 200 miles from our. stocks falling after the san francisco fed president that the central vague should taper asset purchases as early as this summer. joining us now is stuart hoffman the senior vice president can is great to have you with us. the talk contributing to weakness what will happen the discussion is under way way, what happens to the market? >> why it is under way is why the fed would pare back. we think it would be done by the fourth quarter $85 billion per month of asset purchases. i think the market might be initially upset but think
about the reasons the fed would do which. think of it as madison and as the economy is doing better not having to buy securities could be good news. lou: what about six point* 5% unemployment rate? that is to be the new benchmark for monetary policies. >> that is and they would raise interest rates but they would not consider raising interest rates until the unemployment rate reached 6.5 and they are paring back the securities purchases they are doing. lou: i understand but i don't understand but as we watched a weakening or softening of the employment report numbers as the jobless claims today we saw the uptick. this is the answer in time to decide what they will do this summer. >> it is more talking points
to prepare the market and i think anything has been decided and with unemployment claims they did go what but i don't pay attention to the weekly ups and downs. the trend has been down it looks like it will be for may and the economy continues on a moderate growth path. i would not see it as a downside risk and limited risk to the stock market foote is in. lou: that is pretty good and look at being rosy with the markets we have enjoyed to this point* that we will continue a trend in. >> i am cautiously optimistic nobody can predict when the stock market will go down 54 6% it is more than double so we say there will not be a correction but in fact, to the overdue correction but within the drop of the stock
market will not turn into a bear or 10 or 15% because the basic news will support a stronger stock market. lou: that sounds good to me. good to have you with us. come back soon. stuart. senator boxer three pinocchio from the washington post and i don't understand why there weren't for. next. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the b family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two wor. double mis! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles youan actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪ win!
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lou: we are joined by fox news political editor and former deputy assistant to %-welcome gentlemen. turning first to the latest report, the irs official who is in charge of the
tax-exempt division during the three-year period in which the targeting of the enemies list was of created and carried out has escaped the attention of the president and he fired the deputy but not her because she is is in charge of the affordable care office at the irs. could get more outrageous? >> really it can't. every admission that comes out through the press, not the white house is unbelievable if not bad news he would not make news and he compounds it with the bad decisions. the president comes on tv yesterday to face now rage then lets those responsible ''" end quote. resign? they did resign the president should have fired them they were allowed to retire which as you know has economic consequences with benefits and this president is clueless when it comes to
get to the anything and rewards those who are the most culpable. lou: is the clueless are just being careful to not -rovoke these people to turn into whistle-blowers? >> that is a good question. what he doesn't understand is how freaked out the american electorate really is and how much urgency he needs to show and how much bipartisanship especially since the people who were targeted, the victims were political foes for convenience to get away from this with republican hands on deck to demonstrate andrew stands this is a crisis of confidence reflected that they did not yank this woman who was in this office where the violations were occurring yeager of the signature project. lou: it is too late now.
this is what they feared it would be a shot below the waterline they provided that reality in created that by not acting on their own is in this of a disaster? >> it is. this woman should be settling into her office at the health care part of the@ irs soon because no congress can put her before congress and question her what her role was with the scandal so be careful what you do mr. president because now she is directly in the cross hairs of congress and believe me she will be added during sooner rather than later. lou: there are more pinocchio around at "the washington post" with his administration. it is inundated with them. barbara boxer claims the
g.o.p. budget hampered benghazi security knowing full well it was a string of republican and democratic decisions to not hit the full number on security deficits. this is outrageous and senator menendez says we know about benghazi? somebody will puke out there outrageous conduct. [laughter] >> no vomit here in washington d.c. tonight studio number four. lou: maybe you are tougher. >> we have been marinating longer but to your point* the president today was so careful with the artfully crafted all of his theaters were artfully crafted and careful not to blame funding for the attackkin benghazi but mentioning funding a rounded to create the inference.
boxer was less careful and when you ask about the ira'she ? he did not answer the question so he was very legalistic. lou: this is moving from a crisis of confidence, it seems to me, directly to a constitutional crisis. this president has lost his credibility. it has been shredded. where are we headed? >> but his ability is to get things done and there is no appetite in washington to get anything done with scandal swirling around the president so beleaguered not he is labor it they and lame in the dock department sooner than later. lou: with that characterization we have to end on thank you for being with us the developments are coming faugh "fast &
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we do whatever it takes toake your business our business. neil: a general who wanted out of the benghazi talking points. and now out to make a point, two of latest revelation that prove this white house has a credibility problem. now it has a second term problem, an agenda on ice, likely more players who could get iced. welcome i am neil cavuto. when an these common thoughtful marco rubio talks about a culture of corruption and intimidation, you know you have problems for the administration, so ugly, so distorted so fast, they call into question anyone cooperating with this white house on